Point OF Sale

Time has changed. As a Restaurant, Retail & Wholesale owner today , you need a whole lot more to succeed in today's competitive market place. You need swift reports to analyze your product mix; you need tools to manage your work force, your costing and to control your inventories; you need to run promotion on a day's notice and be able to monitor results; you need a system that will be able to give you all this plus a lot more whenever and where ever you need it.

At ViZ POS we have the right solution to assist you in accomplishing that and much more.Have a look thru our site and discover how our innovative solutions had help owners around the world manage their restaurant business more effectively.Discover why businesses from single kiosk outlet to multi chain quick service restaurant to posh fine dinning restaurant are using our solution. See how our wireless POS solution shorten service time and increase table turns.

Food and beverages pos

ViZ POS Restaurant Point of Sales System offers a fully integrated, end-to-end solution, featuring Point-of-Sale, Back Office, and Customer loyalty programs. With this industry-proven product solution, you can implement best-of-breed technology in every area of your restaurant operations while minimizing the cost, time and risk associated with technology implementation. Benefit from seamless integration between solution components and the efficiency of having a single solutions provider for all your restaurant technology needs. Today's restaurants are demanding additional flexibility from their point-of-sale software. Intuitive order entry, manager operations, and basic reporting aren't enough. ViZ POS restaurant Point of Sales system is a Windows-based, touch-screen system, designed to increase the operating efficiency of a food service business. It gives you a solution for every food service mode likes Dine in Table, Quick order and Take Away services.

ViZ POS Restaurant Point of Sale (POS) is the most innovative in the industry, offering unique features not found in competitive products. ViZ POS Restaurant Point Of Sale (POS) is state of the art and very easy to learn and use.

ViZ POS Restaurant Point Of Sale (POS) will improved your efficiency and profitability by reducing errors, maximizing your sales, reducing time to present the check to the customer and improving overall satisfaction.

With extensive research provides us with the knowledge to develop our POS Software based on the needs of the marketplace. ViZ POS Point of Sale (POS) are innovative and second to none in the industry. Combined with our POS Systems you will acquire unlimited options to fulfill all of your business needs.

We offer a variety of POS Solutions, each one providing varying functionality. They range from Back Office Management, Front End POS, Member Loyalty, Movement Analysis…. We are constantly developing new POS Software to keep up with today’s ever changing marketplace, delivering robust, top quality products.

Whether your business is Fast Casual or Fine Dining, the ViZ POS Point of Sale is (POS) able to address your operational requirements. Our proven years of industry expertise make Profit Series one of the most robust restaurant solutions available today. We believe our customers are the most important part of our business. From initial contact we work with you to find the best solution at the best price. We continue our relationship by providing hands-on training and installation by skilled professionals experienced in restaurant operations who will tailor our applications to suit your needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable support staff is available to answer your questions or provide assistance at any time.

ViZ POS Point of Sale is (POS) is much more than just restaurant pos software, it’s a complete hospitality solution and benefits from its unique modular design allowing the software to grow with your business. A truly flexible, versatile, reliable and robust hospitality software suite, ViZ POS Point of Sale is (POS) is aimed at the hospitality and restaurant markets and has been developed and written using n-tier technology, this means software modules can be added, as new functionality is required, allowing the system to grow with your business.

ViZ POS Point of Sale is (POS) covers all areas of the hospitality market and is a fully modular software system with a host of add on modules.

    Fine Dining Reservations and bookings
    QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) Fast food concept
    Back office Management
    Reporter System
    Reservation System
    Remote Online System
    Multi chain store module
    Member Loyalty System
    Wireless Tablet remote ordering
    Inventory Stock control and purchasing

Table Service

Unmatched flexibility makes ViZ POS Table Service an instant winner!

Features Highlights

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Language Independent
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Parameter Driven
  • Multiple kitchen order routing
  • Seat and course arrangement
  • Extensive Reports
  • 24 hours sales operation

OPOS Compliant

ViZ POS is OPOS compliant to ensure hardware independence. POS printers, Customer Display Poles, and cash drawers can all be driven by industry standard device drivers.

Parameter Driven

User definable options include screen colors and operating details like service charge, discount before or after service charge, four types of rounding, GST/VAT handling, access control, hiding/displaying of function keys, which reports to automatically generate during End of Day... In short, we put you in complete control.

extensive Reports

standard front-of-house and back-office reports

Wireless Tablet

We believe the efficiency of handheld Order Entry System (OES) depends largely on the handheld device.

ViZ POS utilizes "Pocket PC" based Windows Tablet, like the powerful HP Stream 7, Joi 8 with integrated Wi-Fi, for order entry, which forms a natural extension of ViZ POS TableService.

Like all our POS modules, orders are entered using touch screen. System flows are also very similar - meaning only minimal re-training for crews. There are no hard to remember PLU codes. Menu are organized by product families, and clearly displayed in English or in the local language.

Different ViZ POS OES modules are available for restaurants, bars, and quick service establishments.

Features highlight:

  • Directly record orders at tableside
  • Increase server productivity by eliminating double entry (pen, then POS)
  • Improve table turn by providing faster service
  • Print quest check from anywhere
  • Simple user interface
  • Read forced modifiers - reduce server training time
  • Servers can repeat order at tableside - resulting in fewer data entry errors
  • Available in English and local language

Retail pos

ViZ POS Retail Point of Sale system has been designed to maximize data entry efficiency by minimizing the number of keystrokes required to enter a sales transaction, with many time-saving factors built into ViZ POS Retail Point of Sale.

ViZ POS Retail POS exclusively sells and installs computerized Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory Control systems to retail stores. This includes the sale of all the necessary hardware and software components, as well as the setup, installation and initial training. Customization services are also available to give you a competitive advantage.

A new, advanced retail ViZ POS Retail Point of Sale system can streamline some of your most tedious tasks into simple operations based on a few Taps on Touch Screen . ViZ POS Retail Point of sales, once simple payment processing interfaces, has come a long way. Conducting a ViZ POS review of these new products reveals a staggering array of choices, and also a fantastic assortment of beneficial features.

From endless updates and wide scalability to simpler user interfaces and real-time data, these programs would seem to have it all. And, with these great features, they do offer a comprehensive tool for any business. Implementation of the right program will help you to streamline operations and improve many of your daily functions.

ViZ POS Retail Point of Sale have such a wide variety of uses, apparel stores, convenience, stores, and other specialty niches have used point-of-sale technology to their advantage. Not only are businesses made more efficient and profitable; customers have also share the benefits of ViZ POS Retail Point of sale, at its core, is the action that happens at the time of a retail purchase. Items are scanned, cash and credit cards are used to pay for the purchase, and receipts are printed. All actions are accurately recorded by the ViZ POS , and the customer is on their merry way in as little time as 45 seconds.

The premise of retail ViZ POS is to help streamline your transaction processes. Inventory tracking is a snap, and automatically calculated. Employees can be monitored, theft is reduced, and customers are able to move through the store quicker.


  • Accurate tracking of quantities and items sold
  • Full barcode support
  • Multi functional POS system for retail shops
  • Intuitive and Easy-to-use
  • Flexible Tenders
  • Reprint Receipts
  • Cashier Accountability
  • Sales Associate Performance
  • Sale Audit
  • Record Diary Entries
  • Hold/Recall bills
  • Check daily sales
  • Multi Plu capability
  • Recall & Reversal Receipt
  • Audit Tracking
  • Unlimited Payment and Discount Mode
  • Customizable Receipt
  • Multi Level Price Group
  • Periodical Promotion
  • Member Discount and Reward program
  • Keep track of Promoter & Sales person
  • Instant stock update
  • 24 hours sales operation

Wholesale pos

Wholesalers like ViZ POS for its ease of use while still providing all the flexibility they demand. Our warehouse pos or wholesale pos solutions handle special pricing based upon a customer contract, Sales Order entry is quick and easy, and wholesalers love the fact that they can easily verify the inventory on-hand of any item within seconds.

In today's competitive market, many wholesalers also offer a cash-and-carry warehouse type store to the public. Our wholesale pos solutions can accommodate such enterprises by providing robust Point-of-Sale capabilities. However, these capabilities can be completely hidden away if a Wholesaler only sells to other commercial customers.

Wholesale POS Features:


Your inventory picture is "up-to-the-minute." You'll know what's in-stock, on-order, and in-transit. Define substitute items, multiple price levels, sale prices, multiple barcodes, and more.


Know which customers are your most profitable and what they're buying. Keep detailed sales history. Print mailing labels for special promotions. Create customer-specific pricing on all items or just certain items. Increase loyalty with charge sales, customer cards, store credits, and more.


Charge sales, receivables tracking, cash receipts, account aging, and statement printing.


Accept deposits for customers' orders and track the orders from order-entry to receiving.


Calculate restocking orders and track receivings from your vendors.


Print and retain price quotes and hold tickets.


Print labels and barcodes on demand or automatically as part of purchasing or receiving.


Update financial statements and payables and exchange the data with accounting packages.

ViZ POS is eager to help your wholesale business. Our wholesale point of sale solutions are used by wholesalers throughout the Malaysia.